Understanding Andropause

Understanding Andropause and Males

There is plenty of information out there about menopause and women, but men may go through a similar process. It is called Andropause but there isn’t nearly as much talk about it. Sadly, that can make many men feel isolated and reduce the ability for them to find information regarding what they are feeling both physically and mentally.

Symptoms can start to appear in men as young as 40.

Others won’t experience them until much later in life. When a male is affected, the degree they are affected, and how they cope with it can significantly vary. That is why it makes it hard to pinpoint the best options. A man may need to try several things to find the key to feeling his very best.

Understanding Andropause in MenMentally

As a man gets older, emotionally he may feel different than he did before. He may become very sentimental and sensitive. Mood changes that occur quickly and without any real provocation have been noted. Short term memory loss, inability to stay focused on tasks, and feeling in a fog- like state instead of being alert can all be linked to Andropause.

Physical Changes; Libido

Changes in sex drive are common as a man gets older. It is often the result of less testosterone being produced. When a man isn’t as interested in sex as he once was, it can give his partner the impression that he isn’t attracted to her anymore. Yet in reality, the problem could be due to andropause.

This causes many to reach for the Viagra and to seek testosterone treatments; especially if he has a young wife. It might not be easy to keep up with her.

A significant reduction in energy can occur for men that are going through andropause. This can be frustrating as they may not be able to keep up with social activities, work obligations, and other tasks that they used to. Insomnia is also very common, which can make a man irritable after he has been chronically sleep derived.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Talking to a doctor could be the step in the right direction for making it easier. The symptoms of Andropause aren’t going to improve on their own. The doctor may be able to reduce the symptoms though by getting the hormones back into balance. The use of hormone replacement therapy is a common option.

Diet and Exercise

Eating right is important for a man at any age, but especially as he gets older. The body relies on various vitamins and nutrients to help the body feel its very best and to create energy. Eating foods that are high in protein and antioxidants is very important. Daily exercise will also help with reducing stress, improving sleep patterns, and helping to combat fatigue.

In the End

It used to be called a midlife crisis when a man wasn’t happy and when he was going through various changes.  Too many of them turn inward when they notice the mental and physical changes and keep it to themselves -rather than seek professional help.  Some may dance along the edge of depression.  

Of course, not all, but many men handle it by getting a sports car and a young girlfriend. Some begin smoking big fat cigars.  

Understanding that andropause is a real thing and that there are others going though it too can give a man courage to seek assistance.

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Image:  E. Kilby(CC BY-SA 2.0)

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