Losing Visceral Fat

Abdominal Fat

It is very important to do all you can to lose visceral fat. If you aren’t familiar with term, it is referencing fat around the belly and abdominal regions.  It refers to the fat located within, meaning deep within the abdominal cavity, surrounding the organs -not just the visible poundage that overhangs your belt.  

This tends to be the location in the body where extra pounds settle. That is especially true later on as a person gets older. While women are more likely to have fat in these areas, it is a concern for many men as well. Not only in terms of how they look physically, but the effect it has on their overall health.

Visceral Fat: Losing Abdominal FatAge is just one of the factors that can result in a person developing visceral fat. Other reasons for it include:

• Poor lifestyle habits
• Poor diet
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Weight gain due to medications or health issues
• Stress
• Genetics
• Hormone changes

Studies show that individuals with visceral fat are more likely have issues with their metabolism. This makes it much harder to lose the fat and to keep it off. They are also at a greater risk of developing various health issues including Type II Diabetes and heart disease. High blood pressure and high cholesterol have also been linked to it.

Sleep Apnea (or Apnoea) is one condition that is adversely affected by an abundance of visceral fat.

There is no magic pill out there that will cause visceral fat to disappear. However, with some work and dedication you can see changes. Not only will you love the way your body looks, but you will be very happy to know your risk of serious health problems has been significantly lowered.

Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes a day is crucial. If possible, you should try to get up to 60 minutes per day. Exercise early in the day if you often feel like you don’t have time for it later in the day. Make sure you do exercise that you enjoy too, because you will be more likely to stick with it. Go to the gym, exercise at home, walk, get a buddy to go with you, but do it on a daily basis. Even swimming and sports are a great way to get your body moving!

Eating right is important too if you want to lose visceral fat. Pay attention to portion control. You shouldn’t feel hungry. Eat three meals and two snacks or five small meals. Make good choices so that your body gets lots of vitamins, minerals, and protein from what you eat.

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is part of making good food choices. Another part is knowing what to stay away from. It is generally regarded as good policy to limit your intake of processed foods (which eating plenty of fruits and veggies will help balance).

The Smoking Gun
The majority of processed foods fit better in the ‘food-like substances’ category than they fit in the food category. Your great-grandmother surely would not recognize much of it as food. Why should you?

Staying away from certain substances like high fructose corn syrup and trans-fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils) is important. By avoiding processed foods, it will in turn help avoid both of those substances, as most processed food is loaded with them.

The elephant in the room is the ‘Big Food‘ companies that concoct the junk in the lab, along with their lobbyists who get government backing and call it healthful.  As Michael Pollan suggests, it is wise to be wary of food-like substances that make health claims.

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4 Responses to “Losing Visceral Fat”

  1. Samuel says:

    I gotta put some blame on my age to be fair. I was never fat when I was younger. i was fit even in my mid 30’s, but then it all changed as I turned 40. I take some responsibility for my poor choice of diet, but I don’t really eat as much though. So I eat bad stuff, but I don’t eat much of them. Regardless I look horrible now. I’ll start walking for 30 minute a day for now. I’m too fat too do much more than that. When I get used to the exercise, I’ll increase it to an hour and try to burn even more calories.

    • Stewart says:

      Sounds like a good plan, Sam. Acknowledging the problem is a big first step. So many have blinders on.

      Thanks for the message.

      Dave S

  2. TimW55 says:

    Looking at the picture on this article is like looking at myself in the mirror… I can’t believe I let myself go this far, but here I am and I’m fat as hell. From here on it’ll only get harder to lose weight, since my metabolism must have taken a hit as well according to this article. I need to lose close to one hundred pounds and I have no idea how I’m going to achieve that. I know I should try to get done one thing at a time.. but still it seems so daunting.

    • Stewart says:

      Tim –

      Being aware of a problem and facing it squarely is a good first step. You’ll do fine once you make up your mind to do it.

      As you might know, the American Diet is a culprit. Staying away from certain stuff is as important as eating the ‘right’ things.
      A good read on the topic can be found here: In Defense of Food.

      Dave S

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