Life Expectancy for Men

The Life Expectancy of Men in the U.S. Under 50 is Not Pretty

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If you want to live a long and good quality life, you have to take care of your body. Life expectancy is a big concern as studies show most Americans under the age of 50 aren’t in good overall health. As a result, they are dying younger and those that do

Life Expectancy for Men: Under 50

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live long have lots of health concerns. This is in comparison with individuals in other so-called developed countries around the world. In the USA, we also have a higher rate of death due to guns, drugs and alcohol use, and accidents involving vehicles.

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The studies about lower life expectancy are based on data that goes back to the 1980’s. Approximately 2/3 of the deaths are males, the rest are women.  Those under the age of 50 account for the wide difference in life expectancy rates in the USA versus those in 16 other countries around the world. Some of the countries that are included in the data are:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Spain

A study completed by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council shows various death rates due to many factors including violence, disease, and accidents. They took a very broad look at the overall issue of health studies and statistics in regards to mortality. When it comes to life expectancy, this panel feels the information shows that there are shorter lives and higher rates of disease for those living in the USA.

Their findings state that over the past 30 years, life expectancy is at the worst rate it has been. Women in the USA rank second to last out of the 16 countries. Males in the USA ranked last out of the 16 countries. Some of the issues that have reduced life expectancy for men and women in the USA include overdose with drugs, violence including those acts with guns, and vehicle accidents.

The risk of firearm related deaths in the USA is up to 20 times higher than in other courts included in the report. This includes 23 countries and information from 2011 statistics. The USA has lower suicide rates than those other countries, the number of them that are related to the use of a firearm are significantly higher.

It is surprising to both the researchers and those that are reading the findings. They are surprised to find the USA men and women continually are at the bottom of the rankings. For example, the USA has the #2 highest concern with death from heart disease. They also rank #2 in terms of death relating to lung disease due to high smoking rates. Americans also rank #1 with the highest number of diabetes patients.

We also have to take a look at the statistics from the other end of the spectrum, but they aren’t any better. The USA has the highest mortality rate as well as the highest rate for STDs. The number of deaths from vehicle accidents and the highest rate of teen pregnancy also belong to the USA. The number of years of life lost to Americans due to the use of drugs and alcohol before they are the age of 50 is also higher than for any of the other countries in the study.

Let’s Talk about Age 50, Shall We?
It’s tough for a young 29 year old guy to think far enough ahead to age 50 to worry about it.  Worrying about their health by age fifty seems like something they have a lot of time to defer -and maybe still catch it in time to save themselves.

Those who made it to fifty know that the time whizzes past at sometimes blinding speed.  Lifestyle decisions made at age 30 do impact the shape you’re in when, and if, you reach fifty.

The probability of living past the age of 50 is lower for Americans than many other countries. This is due to the health risks that are being experienced by our youth. The risk of chronic health problems including heart disease some to be very high for those under the age of 50 living in America. It is a very grim reality that they continue to rank at the bottom when it comes to all of these important health indicators.

Disease Control System and Big Food
Some of the good news, though, is that death from cancer has been lowered in the USA. This is due the various testing that can be done and the forms of treatment available. Those living in the USA also had better rankings when it comes to controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels. For those Americans over the age of 75, they are doing better than those of the same age in other countries.  

In order to get this all turned around, the health care system in America needs to be improved. There are limited resources for a high population of individuals that aren’t insured. Education is also a key factor in helping to improve overall life expectancy. Cultural factors such as being too busy, the access to fast food, and even being in vehicles without a seat belt are all factors that many take part in.

The fact that America is now ranking so low when it comes to life expectancy is disappointing. In the 1950s, it scored much higher in terms of better life expectancy than other countries. Perhaps it is time to take a look at what was going on then that isn’t now, and implement some positive changes.

One important change that could reap far-ranging results is to educate people what not to eat.  The ‘Big Food’ industry is inadvertently poisoning the general populace with cheap ‘food-like substances that collectively are known as the ‘Western Diet.’

If one looks closely at the differences between the U.S. and other countries, the elephant in the room is the Western Diet.  The ‘low-fat’ diet that’s been in vogue since the 70s to combat obesity is an abject failure.  Not only did it not reduce the incidence of obesity and being generally overweight, obesity and overweight incidence increased.

In the U.S., the so-called Health Care System is little more than a ‘Disease Control System.’

Look no further than the unsavory articles of so-called food purchased in the grocery store.  There is a general lack of knowledge about the importance of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.  French Fries and tomato ketchup are not included in that category (just so you know, Big Guy).

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5 Responses to “Life Expectancy for Men”

  1. Larry K. says:


    I know I need to quit smoking and clean up the diet.
    Thanks for the nudge.

    Big Larry

  2. Allison says:

    I’m gonna scare the crap out of my husband with this article, because he needs a good scare. He eats fast food everyday and he’s got chocolate stashed everywhere in the house. I’m concerned for his health, but I’m even more concerned for the health of our children. Eventually my baby will grow up and he’ll start mimicking everything his father does. He’ll get his father’s unhealthy lifestyle and there’s just no doubt about that. Thanks for writing this whoever, I’m gonna need this to give my husband a good scare.

  3. Josiah says:

    It’s kind of alarming when you read statistics like this. I follow the typical American male diet, which means I eat very unhealthy, but you don’t think about that unless it’s affecting you right now. I don’t have high blood pressure and I’m not diabetic. I’m actually pretty healthy, but who knows how long this will last if I continue eating unhealthy. I can’t picture myself eating small portions or cutting down on red meat… but I suppose I should try to change my diet into something healthier.

    • Stewart says:

      Hey Josiah –

      When we’re young we get away with all kinds of unsavory stuff -mainly because we heal faster.
      By the time you’re 50 (earlier in many) how we took care of ourselves is starting to show.

      You think it might be time to ditch some bad habits?
      Good luck to you with all that.

      Dave S

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