Josh Marvin (Author)

Who is Josh Marvin, Author?

I like to find out who is behind certain products before I buy. If you’re like me, you might be interested in knowing just who wrote the eBook entitled “Pearly Penile Papules Removal’ before you plunk down some hard earned cash. Is this guy for real?

And, what’s all the gibberish about there being a scam underway? Is he writing eBooks on the side of his Starbuck’s gig? Or, is he a medical researcher? Does he have something important I should know about my Penile Papules? (Or, your Fordyce Spots)?

Before I bought the eBook described above, I spent a couple of hours poking around to see what I could come up with about the man. I checked him out on Google and found a scarcity of information about the guy.
Josh Marvin: Author of PPP Removal
What I did find was a website that is supposedly Josh Marvin’s ‘about page,’ complete with photo, that gives him credit for writing the eBook.

I don’t believe it’s him.

I am at a loss to figure why Mr. Marvin’s information is not more readily available. It seems like it would be a good business practice, rather than to be shrouded in a cloak of secrecy.

I bought the eBook anyway. The price isn’t bad. I gambled on whether this guy might give me something I could benefit from.

I Now Understand

Upon reading the PPP eBook, I now understand he has personal experience with the condition and wrote the guide to help others who might be wrestling with choosing a removal method. Some removal methods are not pleasant.

Here’s the rub –and, the Bottom Line for me
Marvin does not claim to be a health practitioner. This is important to me. If he is not claiming to be a health practitioner, I don’t really care who he is.  Because his methods make use of substances purchased over-the-counter at most any pharmacy, there is no way I can get myself into trouble by following his direction.

Apparently, Josh Marvin is someone’s pen name –just as Mark Twain was Samuel Clemons’ pen name. It is a common practice among writers and I don’t hold it against someone trying to keep his family name out of the limelight.

Further Insight
Here’s the thing –if Josh Marvin claimed to be a medical practitioner, I would expect to find a trail on Google to his office address and its phone number.

There is no risk, which I like. It reinforces the feeling I have that it doesn’t matter to me who wrote the eBook.

There are a slew of customer testimonials published on the affiliate website and his customer satisfaction goals are backed up by his 60 day money-back offer if not completely satisfied with his work.

Because I am cautious, I was happy about the 60 day money-back provision.  I like to touch and feel things before I commit to pay for them, generally. That’s was a big check mark in the ‘positive’ column for me. Because there was no risk involved, I went ahead and ordered a copy of the Pearly Papules Removal eBook.

I searched all over the web and was unable to find any less than desirable reports about Josh Marvin. Having since purchased the ‘Pearly Penile Papules Removal’ eBook and used it successfully to put myself in a position to win with the ladies, I can vouch that Josh Marvin, whoever he is, is the real deal.

What’s Next?
I strongly encourage you to take a close look at my full review of the “Pearly Penile Papules Removal’ to find out if it might be something that could make a positive change in your penile papules, and your life -like it did for me.

Click here to read the “Pearly Penile Papules Removal Review”


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  1. Sammy K says:

    You brought up a good point about the pen name used by the author. At first I was put off by the lack of information found about Marvin.

    Now that you explain it as you did, I don’t really care who he is either.



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