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Induratio Penis Plastica

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What is it Induratio Penis Plastica?

A sometimes psychologically devastating men’s health issue, Induratio Penis Plastica is a type of disorder involving the connective tissues of the penis. Approximately 10% of males are affected by it. There is scar tissue that forms, creating a thick layer of tissue around the penile region. It typically affects males over the age of 40 that are Caucasian. However, it can affect any race and any age.

Induratio Penis Plastica: Bent Penis

Relationship challenges are (unfortunately) not uncommon with bent penis.

There are studies that suggest it could be genetically linked. However, since many men don’t disclose this type of personal issue, it is hard to get the numbers of individuals with a close family male that also has experienced it. The disorder can also affect the connective tissues of the extremities, but usually it is only going to be present around the penis.

Other Common Names

You may here Induratio Penis Plastica called by a variety of names, but it is one and the same. These other names include:

• Peyronie’s Disease
• CITA (Chronic Inflammation of the Tunica Albuginea)


There are many symptoms that can indicate a male has Induratio Penis Plastica. They include:

• Curvature of the penis
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Indentation of an area of the penis
• Loss of penile girth
• Loss of penile length
• Pain around the penis due to the tissue


If you suspect such a diagnosis, schedule an appointment with the doctor. They will likely assess the appearance of the penis and the region around it. They will also schedule an ultrasound to rule out other possible diagnosis.

For many men, the problem will get better on its own over time. For others, it will stay the same and never change. There are men though that endure so much pain that they have to take medication. Surgery is a last resort if the pain is severe and chronic.

Many men with Induratio Penis Plastica benefit from counseling as they suffer emotionally with the changed appearance of the penis. It can make it very difficult to enjoy sexual activity. Due to the curvature, it can make it almost impossible for successful penetration to take place. However, most men find that they can pursue a normal sex life in spite of it.

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8 Responses to “Induratio Penis Plastica”

  1. Cooper M says:

    I waited long enough hoping that the pain would ease and the indentation on my penis would go away, but the pain has gotten worse and the indentation is actually bigger now. Looking back I should have paid a doctor a visit right when I saw the symptoms, but I didn’t make much of it in the beginning. If only had I found out more about it in the beginning, maybe my penis wouldn’t be as curved as it is now. I just hope that they could correct it now at least.

    • Stewart says:

      Coop –

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a note. I’m glad you’re seeing a doctor. It’s the thing to do.

      Good luck to you.

      Dave S

  2. Charles says:

    If your penis gets curved so bad that you can’t have sex, is that considered still induratio penis plastica? My penis right now looks like a well curved banana and it’s starting to hurt a little. It didn’t hurt at first, but now it does. I was hoping that it would go away on it’s own but I don’t think that’s going to happen now. If it were going to go away, it would have gone away by now. This really sucks man..

    • Stewart says:

      Charles, ol’ Boy –

      Have you seen your Doctor? Pain isn’t a good thing.
      Go get some help.

      Dave S.

  3. James C says:

    My penis has been getting smaller and smaller over the past few months. I kept on telling my girlfriend about it, but she kept on insisting I was being insecure. Well, I’ve been measuring my penis for about 2 months and I’ve lost nearly quarter of an inch from that time. It may have something to do with the curvature I’ve been seeing with the symptom, but nonetheless I’m experiencing a change. In fact, I’m fairly certain that this is induratio penis plastica.

    • Stewart says:

      James –

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s nice to hear from visitors.
      Best of luck with your situation. I hope you’re consulting with your doctor.

      Dave S

  4. Tom says:

    My penis has curvature towards down beginning from the head of penis about 90 degree , to explain more my penis is straight but just at the head of penis bend down by 90 degree , and I don’t feel any pain, is that induratio penis plastica .? and does it need a surgery or what ?

    • Stewart says:

      Hey Tom –

      We here at are not doctors. We are unable to speculate on such matters.
      Your own doctor would be the person to ask for a professional diagnosis.

      We appreciate you visiting and spending some time here.
      Best regards,


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