Hemorrhoids and Piles: Causes and Relief

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Hemorrhoids and Piles -What’s going on back there?  Is it the Big H?  Or, something worse?  And, how do I know?

About Those Piles …

Reports from the medical community estimate that upwards to half of the U.S. population over 50 years old have some form of hemorrhoid(s).  That includes both men and women.  When they become inflamed and swollen, they are sometimes referred to as ‘piles.

hemorrhoids and piles: causes and relief

Here’s lookin’ atchya, Baby …

Condyloma (often referred to as penile warts or genital warts) is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) while hemorrhoids are a medical condition. 

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids commonly result in protrusions, bulging, itching, bleeding, and pain.

Internal and External Hemorrhoids

There is a difference between internal and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are those on the outside. Patients will typically know about them because of folds or bulges in the skin. Due to the pulling of the skin, the area can hurt very badly.

Internal hemorrhoids are inside of the rectum, and they aren’t associated with any sharp pain sensations. The presence of such a hemorrhoid can give someone the feeling that they haven’t completely emptied their bowels after having a movement.

Diagnosing Hemorrhoids

A doctor can diagnose hemorrhoids based on discussing the symptoms with the patient and an exam. Some common questions an MD might ask include:

  • The volume and frequency of bleeding (A lot or a little?  How often?)
  • Associated incontinence (Is it a challenge to ‘hold it’ long enough to make it to the bathroom without an accident?) 
  • Bulging
  • Itching
  • Cleanliness

An exam is performed to check for hemorrhoids outside of the body as well as in the anus.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

For an external hemorrhoid, the patient may be advised to work through it or for it to be removed in the medical office. It depends on the size of it, the location, severity of pain, and other factors.

Hemorrhoid banding is the most common option for treating internal hemorrhoids. This is an office procedure where a band is placed over the hemorrhoid to stop the blood supply to it. In about 4 or 5 days the hemorrhoid will leave the body through a normal bowel movement. The patient usually won’t even notice that has occurred.

This is typically the first type of treatment offered for internal hemorrhoids because it is less painful than operative options. Unfortunately, the banding technique doesn’t work on external hemorrhoids. This is due to them being around the sensitive nerves outside of the body. Banding them would result in excruciating pain.  Not good.

Hemorrhoidal Rectal Surgery

The operative procedure is one of the more painful operations that a patient can experience.

Patients are encouraged to try all other measures for treatment prior to proceeding with the hemorrhoid surgery. Sometimes there are patients that have chronic hemorrhoid conditions and can only find a cure through surgery.

If a patient elects to have surgery, they will be admitted the morning of the procedure. The procedure will be done and the patient usually can go home that same day. Patients are advised they will be quite sore after such a procedure.

They aren’t going to feel like going to work or doing any unnecessary activities for at least a week. They are going to know they had surgery. It can take several weeks after the procedure for them to feel better.

Are Hemorrhoids Serious?

While the piles aren’t dangerous or life threatening, they can be very uncomfortable and painful.  Chronic  Anal rectal bleeding shouldn’t be ignored as it can be a sign of a more serious medical condition.

It is important to recognize that colon cancer can commonly have that symptom.

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