Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots

Hello and welcome to  If you are wondering what you can do to hang onto your new girlfriend after she made such an issue over the odd complexion of your penis, you’ve arrived at the place that can make some specific recommendations that won’t set you back a lot in terms of time, money, inconvenience or discomfort.  

Hang in here with me for a few minutes and read down the page for a discussion about the condition known as Fordyce Spots.  Treatment discussion -pros and cons, is found here: Fordyce Spots Treatment 

Let’s End the Confusion
Many people confuse Fordyce spots with Sexually Transmitted Diseases or infections –but it doesn’t fit into that particular category. Yet the fact that the ‘spots’ look like something that could be transmitted can create a panic, initially.

Sorry to Have to Break it to You
It can also be an exercise in futility to attempt to explain to someone you may desire to have sexual intercourse with. No one wants to risk contracting a fine case of Condyloma.  You have probably already found this to be true.

Fordyce Spots: is not STD

Al Capone had STD. Fordyce Spots is not STD. Get a positive ID.

What is the Condition called Fordyce Spots?
Fordyce Spots is a skin condition –not caused by a virus or anything else communicable. If you have the condition, you didn’t get it from anyone.

Accordingly, you cannot pass it to anyone, either.  It is like Penile Papules in that the pink or white papules are not uncommon.  They seem to touch many men and are not spread from person to person.  It is sometimes called sebaceous prominence.

There is no pain associated with Fordyce spots, but they can be seen and felt. They are small white or red bumps with a rough texture.

This isn’t an STD or any type of disease so there is really no need to worry too much about it. However, many people feel self conscious about them on the body when it comes to intimacy. A new partner might raise an eyebrow in wonder.

Hot tip: Get this.  It’s Important
Until it is positively diagnosed, it is prudent to carry on as if it is contagious. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor for a positive ID –for your own health and the protection of intimate partners.  See a close up of Fordyce Spots on a penis HERE.

If your new girlfriend freaked when she noticed the condition, and you can’t say you got a positive ID from a medical doctor, she had the right reaction.  

Get it looked at.  Get tested, if your doctor recommends it, just to be sure it’s nothing more serious.  There is no point in getting reckless and taking chances that affect your pretty little girlfriend(s).  Is there?

Who Gets it and Where Might it Appear?
Most of the individuals that develop Fordyce spots are males. They can occur for any age group of men. They often develop along the shaft of the penis or around the scrotum. Some women can also be affected by Fordyce’s spots that appear on their vulva. They can also get them on the face around the lips.

Is it Contagious?
These areas where the spots show up aren’t going to be contagious. Another person can touch them and they won’t contract them. There is no documented incident of any person getting them from anyone else. Yet there is no data yet that can determine with any certainty where they stem from.

Dermatologists once thought that they could be due to hair follicles. Further testing may have devalued that theory.

Could they be Hereditary?
Another possibility is that Fordyce spots could be hereditary. It is hard to collect data on such a topic though. For most men that have had the spots, this is a subject that is addressed with reluctance. I t isn’t something that they freely talk to their family about.  Still, if you are curious you may want to bring up the subject with some of your family with whom you feel comfortable to see if there are other cases in the family.

Odds are there could be but no one knows for sure because it is not discussed. In the end, it matters little. You need to do what is right for you. That is, to get a positive ID just to prove it’s nothing more serious. Then decide if you want to get rid of them, -or, not.

Talk to your Doctor
When it comes to Fordyce spots, you aren’t alone. Don’t be shy about talking to your doctor about your concerns. Schedule an appointment and let them know what is going on. Your doctor can confirm what they see is this particular diagnosis. If that is the case, then they can help you to get the right type of treatment for it. Always get a diagnosis from a medical professional to rule out STDs or cancer.

Treatment or Not?
Most experts say that since there is no health risk from it, there is no reason to spend money on creams, gels, or to undergo laser treatments. You have to decide if you can live with the appearance of the spots. If not, there are various treatments to consider.

Home remedies should be tried first such as including garlic and vitamin supplements into the daily routine. Eating foods high in antioxidants and using anti bacterial soap are changes that may make a difference in the size and appearance of those spots.

Big Tip #2

Thanks for reading down to this point on the page.  If you’ve decided you don’t want to live with the spots -maybe you’re tired of explaining it to a new girlfriend -here is what needs to be done next:

Click Here to learn more about how to fix the problem once and for all.

What you will find there is a discussion about the preferred (safest) method of removal.  The post includes discussion about Pearly Papules and Fordyce Spots Removal.

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6 Responses to “Fordyce Spots”

  1. Brian K says:

    From my experience at least, fordyce spots seems to be hereditary. I spoke to my dad about mine and as it turns out, he has it as well. He told me it wasn’t a big issue with my mom, I wasn’t too happy to hear about their sex life, but I was glad to know that to some people it isn’t a big deal. Find a girl who loves you and who is willing to study about it, then she’ll know it’s not contagious and you can live with it without any problems. I hate it though, I can’t lie about that. I just need to find a way to live with it.

    • Stewart says:

      Hey Brian –
      It sounds like you have a good attitude about it.
      Good luck to you. Thanks for the note.

      Dave S

  2. Wyatt says:

    Living with fordyce spots if more an inconvenience than a struggle. It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t contagious, and it certainly doesn’t look as bad as some people make it out to be. If you pay less attention to it, then your partner will do the same, essentially making it invisible. It’s all in the head people. But I do understand those who are very sensitive about appearances and for those I’d suggest using natural methods to remove them. Don’t do anything you’ll regret on your penis.

    • Stewart says:

      Thanks for chiming in on that, Wyatt.

      I think that it is often the ladies’ reaction to it that forms one’s own opinion about it.
      Either way, there are some benign methods to clear it up for those who just have to do something with it.


  3. Oliver says:

    I’d much rather avoid any type of surgery when it comes to my penis, but seeing as how the fordyce spot on my penis is affecting my sex life, I don’t know that I have much choice here. Quite frankly, I understand the girls that don’t want to get too close to my ugly penis. If I were a girl, I honestly wouldn’t want that in me. I doubt that I’ll ever find a girl who is okay with it, so I might as well go through the laser treatment as soon as possible.

    • Stewart says:

      Oliver –

      If it was me, laser or another invasive treatment would be a last choice.
      Have you considered trying some natural methods to get rid of your Fordyce Spots?

      It’s the type of thing that might well help and can’t hurt. Much more reasonably priced too.

      Dave S

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