Fordyce Spots Treatment

Fordyce Spots Treatment

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If you are someone carrying around excess emotional baggage because your new girlfriend freaked on you when she saw the odd complexion on Mr. Happy, you’re in the right place.  While this page talks of treatment options, more information about the condition itself is found here: Fordyce Spots

Stick with me here and read down the page for some common remedies and treatments -some of which are more invasive than others.  You will also find the recommended process options that thousands have used with success without painful side effects or prolonged recovery periods.

Even though Fordyce spots aren’t harmful and they aren’t painful, they can look ugly. They can make a person worried about what the other party will think when it comes to sexual activity.

There are some forms of treatment that can be considered to help clear up those spots. Some treatment methods would be considered by many to be radical or invasive and a poor trade-off.

Others are more natural.

Fordyce Spots TreatmentIt is thought the condition is brought on by clogged pores or sebaceous glands (hence the name Sebaceous Prominence). These glands are associated with hair follicles.

Dietary Changes
A build up of oils in the glands seem to trigger Fordyce spots. Eating foods that are good for you can help to naturally cleanse the body. Consuming foods that are high in antioxidants can help to reduce the volume of oil in the body. Supplements of garlic are believed to be a great home remedy.

A daily supplement that offers Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E can help but shouldn’t be taken in place of eating properly.

This is a biggie.  Improved hygiene can help with reducing the spots. Wearing underwear that are loose can prevent sweat from building up around the genital region. Showering immediately after working out can help.

It may be necessary to change to an anti-bacteria soap for washing to help unclog pores that can store excess sebum.

Hormone Therapy
Some research indicates that Fordyce spots occur when the body is changing due to hormone variations. The use of hormone therapy can help with reducing them.

It can also help with mood, weight, and energy levels.  Striking a balance is the key.

There are topical creams and gels on the market that contain Tretinon.  Applying the product a couple of times per day can to reduce the appearance of the spots. The use of Alpha Hydroxy Acid along with it can speed up the process of diminishing the spots.


Thoughts on Removal

The psychological baggage carried around by some men with Fordyce Spots (Sebaceous Prominence) and the Pearly Penile Papules condition is not unlike the degradation and shame felt by carriers of sexually transmitted diseases like anal warts (HPV) and Chlamydia.

Although neither the spots nor the papules are caused by a disease, virus or bacteria, neither are too attractive in the eyes of most beholders.

If a guy can’t hang onto a girl-friend because his skin condition is getting in the way, removal might be a good option. In any event, it will remove the psychological aspect. If, after removal, a guy can’t hang onto a girl-friend, he’ll need to look elsewhere for a culprit.

For discussion on whether or not to attempt removal, see the post on PPP removal, which also covers Fordyce Spots. (Recommended reading).


The following are methods practiced by the medical community.  They are more aggressive, expensive and have recovery times and possible side effects.

Chemical Peel

A dermatologist can help with reducing the signs of Fordyce spots through the application of a chemical peel. This process applies a concoction to the penis and the scrotum. The product then dries and is peeled away. It takes several layers of the top skin, leaving the skin that is exposed underneath smoother.  It doesn’t seem like much of a bargain.

Laser Treatments

The use of laser technology to treat Fordyce spots is seen in some medical offices. The results seem to be promising.

However, the individual needs to be prepared for their private body parts to be exposed during the laser treatment. Many men aren’t comfortable with that. There are also medical professionals that feel this type of treatment is too dangerous to use around the penis and scrotum.

They feel this is an unnecessary form of treatment that should be avoided. This type of treatment is one that many patients consider though due to the fact that there is very little risk of scarring developing. Keep in mind that this is an expensive treatment for Fordyce spots.

Cyro Surgery

Applying very cold temperatures to the spots and bumps is what this particular procedure is all about. It is time consuming and it can be uncomfortable, if not outright painful. It can also lead to permanent damage around the penile region and the scrotum if it isn’t conducted accurately. That is why this treatment for Fordyce spots isn’t highly recommended.

It will do the job, but at what price?  Most would agree that disfigurement is too high a price.


Next Step:  Find Out More

Thanks for reading this far. I hope the information has been enlightening and useful.  

I feel a need to remind you not to do what I have done in the past -ignore a problem and hope it goes away.  

I eventually learned that not much changes unless I take some positive step in the right direction.  And, that’s my advice to you.  Take some action to correct the problem.

What I suggest is to take a close look at the Pearly Penile Papules Removal eBook.  It has a section specifically dedicated to Fordyce Spots removal.  

The important thing to remember is there are no harsh remedies or procedures recommended.  

Accordingly, you won’t face any recovery periods or bad side effects.

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6 Responses to “Fordyce Spots Treatment”

  1. Miguel says:

    Tretinon and chemical peel sound very promising. Instead of trying to remove the entire fordyce spots, I just want to make it so that it isn’t as noticeable. People do chemical peels on their faces, so how bad could it on a penis? It’s just taking off a few layers of skin anyways. Tretinon though should come first and if that doesn’t have much affect, then I’d move on to the chemical peel.

    • Stewart says:

      Thanks for chiming in, Miguel. Good luck with that.
      And, thanks for spending some time here.

      Dave S.

  2. Kyle R says:

    Well, it doesn’t cost anything to change diets and to keep up with hygiene, so I want to get started with those two fordyce treatments. Surgery, chemical peeling, and Laser treatments are too invasive, not to mention the fact that they’re scary. If the natural remedies don’t work out, then I can consider the alternatives, albeit they’re more painful methods. For now though I’m sticking with dietary changes and hygiene.

    • Stewart says:

      Kyle –

      Thanks for the note. It sounds like you have a healthy outlook toward your F-Spots.
      Good luck with all that.

      Dave S

  3. Daphne says:

    Thanks for the good info here. We need more people writing/blogging about this topic. My gyn always told me the cysts were nothing to worry about, but offered no way to get rid of them or at least minimize them. In my case they’ve increased in size, amount, and hardness through the years. Would love to finally do something about them. (What guy wants to go down on that???) Does anybody know of a good women’s forum for this topic? All I can find are guy sites and I hate to crash. Thanks!

    • Stewart says:

      Thank you Daphne. I appreciate the note. I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions on another blog or site for women.

      Perhaps you might want to begin one.

      Thanks for visiting.


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