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Is it safe to assume you are here because you feel a need to positively identify a skin condition on your penis so you can affirm to your little darling it’s not contagious?

Maybe not?  Well, it is why many guys find themselves here.  Stay with me for a minute or two and read down to the bottom of the page.  You will save yourself a bunch of wasted time and angst in the long run.  You will be a happier guy and your lady friend(s) will be happy too.  (if she’s happy -you will be too).

Here’s a Tip for You.  Get this because many guys mess this up -Big Time.

If you have experienced some ridicule or just real concern expressed by someone close to you, you owe her the courtesy of an expert medical opinion.  

Why?  Because maybe there is an outside chance that it is not some harmless skin condition like Fordyce Spots or Pearly Penile Papules.  You wouldn’t want to adversely affect your girlfriend’s health -or, your relationship, I am sure.  So, do the right thing.  Don’t you feel like you owe it to someone?

Not to be used for diagnostic purposes

The image below is a close-up of Fordyce Spots on a penis.  It is not intended to provide any diagnostic information and is for Information Only.

Fordyce Spots on a penis

What’s the next logical step?

Let us assume you got a positive ID on your condition a while back.  Maybe you’re tired of trying to ‘explain it away’ to each new lady in your life.  It can get old after awhile.

Here is a discussion on the pros and cons of treatment for the end goal of eliminating the problem: Here.

If you’ve already decided on the course of action, click the link below to see details of a book available that details the benign and safest methods (options) to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Click Here to visit the website that has given thousands the peace of mind that comes with never having to ‘explain it away‘ to anyone again.


Image credit: Public Domain.

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