Facts about Male Hair Loss

Facts about Male Hair Loss

The loss of hair can be very upsetting for a man, and it can affect their mental well-being and self-esteem. Learning the facts about why men lose their hair and what can be done about it is important. The sooner that the problem is identified, the better chance there is of a treatment that works.  

Male Pattern Baldness

The genetic link for male pattern baldness is typically carried over from your mother. However, there is research to suggest it can come from either parent. The hair loss can start as early as 20 years of age, but it usually won’t start until later. The hair around the front begins to thin and to recede. There isn’t a cure for it, but the sooner it is looked at, the less damage to the hair follicles occurs.

Facts about Male Hair Loss

Who loves ya, Baby?

Too much of the male hormones that are known as androgens is what creates hair loss for men. One of the common side effects of taking steroids – for medical needs or for bodybuilding – is the increase in androgens in the body.

For the Muscle-Heads

Taking steroids in high amounts or for long periods of time can significantly increase the chances of hair loss in males.



Some men find that taking ongoing medication can stop their hair loss in its tracks. If they talk to their doctor when they first notice the signs of thinning hair and hair loss, then they will be able to try these medications. Minoxidil and Finasteride are the options available. Minoxidil allows for new hair growth and stops the loss of hair. Finasteride also helps with generating new hair growth and it is approved by the FDA.

Treatment Options in Later Stages

Depending on the underlying reason for male hair loss, there could be a viable treatment to consider. Some men don’t fight it and they make the decision to go bald. They figure it is better to get it over with and not fight nature.

Some call it ‘aging gracefully.’  Being bald can be an attractive look for some men, as it seems to be the style in the U.S. these days –especially among the law enforcement types, the wanna-bees -and others who want to be perceived as a tough guy; although not all baldies fit that mold.

Get the Examination

The doctor may identify various health issues or medications as the core reason for the hair loss. Effective treatment for a medical ailment and changing medications could stop the hair loss. If it is due to stress, counseling and other measures to reduce that stress can also be a good solution.

Other Options

There are hair replacement options that involve surgery to insert new hair follicles. They can be expensive and time consuming. However, they can be a great solution that allows a man to feel great about having hair again. There are also some very realistic looking hair pieces that may be a solution.

In the end, not every man is a good candidate for all treatment options. For example, there can be side effects from medication. There can also be risks involved with the surgical procedures relating to a hair transplant. The various methods of treatment can also vary in price, and some of the procedures can cost thousands of dollars.

And, In the End

If you find yourself wondering why there’s so much hair in the sink, I have the perfect remedy for you.  it’s cheap and painless.

Simply step back from the sink when combing your hair.  (I am aware that not everyone will see the humor in that -but, that’s what I do).


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