Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is a very serious risk for males, and too often they don’t think about it.  The problem is that diabetes can quickly get out of control and result in serious health problems down the road for you.  Recognizing the risk factors of diabetes, in order to help reduce that risk, is very important.  These risks include the following:

diabetes awareness: Prevention, Controlling, guidelinesType I Diabetes

  • Genetic family history of the disease
  • Geographical location – the further from the equator you live, the higher the risk
  • Omega 3 deficiency
  • Vitamin D deficiency

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Type II Diabetes 

  • Genetic family history of the disease
  • Higher than normal blood sugar levels
  • Overweight
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Race – Hispanic and African Americans are at a higher risk

If you have any symptoms of diabetes, you need to consult with your doctor immediately.  Recognizable signs that you likely have diabetes include:

Type I Diabetes

  • Excessive thirst
  • Fatigue
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased need to urinate
  • Irritability
  • Weight loss

 Type II Diabetes

  • Any of the above symptoms peculiar to Type I Diabetes
  • Bruising that heals slowly
  • Changes in vision
  • Infections – gums, bladder, or skin -that are recurring
  • Tingling in the extremities

The sooner that action can be taken, the easier it will be for you to control this serious health issue.  Your doctor can assist you with the measures you need to take, depending on the type of diabetes you have and the severity.  You can still lead a very good quality of life with diabetes, as long as you are taking positive steps to keep it from progressing and you control it. 

Controlling Diabetes
Losing weight is a big factor for diabetes so you need to get rid of any excess pounds.  You also need to eat healthy meals and exercise daily.  Those may be huge changes in your life, but set goals, plan menus, and make time in your schedule to do what you need to in order to take care of your body.  Make sure you don’t skip meals either as that can cause huge drops in your blood sugar levels. 

You may need to take insulin or other forms of medicine in order to successfully control diabetes.  Make sure you take them as prescribed and that you don’t skip doses.  Don’t alter the daily dose either unless your doctor tells you to do so. 

“Eat Healthy Meals”
There are few phrases in the North American English language that are so poorly understood by so many people.  The challenge is one of education, mainly.  Most people think little about what passes through their lips, other than whether or not it tastes good.

This is mainly because of the food industry and its marketing campaigns and intensive lobbying efforts in the halls of the U.S. Congress.  

What passes for food today in the aisles of a supermarket, with the exception of fresh produce, fresh dairy and meats (Ever notice that these items are all around the perimeter of the building?), your great grandmother would have a difficult time recognizing as food.  (You may also notice that this stuff is all in the center of the store.)

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Guidelines and Healthy Choices
As a guideline to those who want to attempt to make some healthful choices about the food they eat, and lack a knowledge base with which to make good choices, a good practice is to shop the perimeter of the super market.  Buy lots of fresh fruits, vegetables mostly.  Meat can be a side-dish.

Diabetes awareness: fresh produceStay away from processed food; those that contain ingredients that are obviously chemical compounds (by virtue of the fact that you cannot pronounce them –few, other than a chemical engineer knows how to do that).

Pass up on stuff containing trans fats, (aka hydrogenated oils), and high fructose corn syrup.  Don’t be surprised to find the majority of processed food labels you read, you will end up putting back on the shelf if you are true to these simple guidelines.

There are things that do pass this test, but you will have to seek them out at first.  This is just a simple guide and can be expanded.  Let’s take care of first things first.  Take baby steps and don’t fret.  Just try and continually improve.

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  1. Ray Nardini says:

    Hello –

    I know a guy who refused to change his eating or drinking habits even after they began nipping at his toes. They eventually took his feet. Diabetes eventually took him.


    • Stewart says:

      Hello Ray –

      There are many such stories and I find them sad. In this day and age no one should have to go through that.
      However, at the end of the day, we are responsible only to ourselves, I guess. It’s difficult to ‘tell’ anyone anything.

      Dave S

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