Depression in Men

Depression in Men

The quality of life that a person has can be seriously diminished due to depression. It can affect work, personal relationships, and how a person sees himself. There are many levels of depression and the severity of it in some cases can result in suicide. In our society, mental health concerns such as depression can often be spoken about in a way that makes a person not look at treatment options.

If you have time, check the video below for signs and symptoms …

Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. There is help for it including counseling and medications. It can Depression in Men: Causes, Symptoms, Treatmenttake time to work through issues linked to depression. It can also take time to find the right medicine as well as the right dose.

Such medicines do have side effects so balancing the best results with the lowest possible side effects is very important.

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Signs and Symptoms
If you care about someone that suffers from depression, be there to offer support. Learn all you can about depression so that you can get a full understanding of how that person is feeling.

If they haven’t addressed the issue yet, bring it up gently. Talk to them about the signs and symptoms of depression which include:

• Changes in sleep habits is number one
• Difficulty with personal relationships
• Isolating from others
• Lack of motivation
• Loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed
• Mood changes
• Thoughts of suicide

A full assessment done by a professional can make a huge difference. If any such symptoms are present in you personally or someone you know, make an appointment. The outcome can be finding out what type of depression is in place as well as the severity of it. Based on that information, a plan of action to make improvements can be implemented. Depression that is untreated can continue to get worse over time.

Individuals with depression can get better and have a very good life. However, they need to put forth the effort to make it better. Realizing that depression can affect people differently is very important. Knowing that they have people to help them in their personal life as well as on a professional level can make a huge impact for them.

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  1. Drew P says:

    Hi –

    I think the toughest thing is to get someone who is depressed to accept help.
    It’s the old -‘You can lead a horse to water …’

    My father was quite impossible about it.

    Nice job.

    Drew Patierne

    • Stewart says:

      Hi Drew –

      It is a most difficult situation.
      I also am aware there is lots of help available online for families and caregivers to address the problem.
      Best of luck with it.

      Dave S

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