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Diabetes Awareness
Diabetes Awareness Diabetes is a very serious risk for males, and too often they don’t think about it.  The problem is that diabetes can quickly get out of control and result in serious health problems down the road for you.  Recognizing the risk factors of diabetes, in order to help reduce that risk, is very important.  These risks include the following: Type I Diabetes Genetic family [...]
Life Expectancy for Men
The Life Expectancy of Men in the U.S. Under 50 is Not Pretty Hitting Like buttons promotes long life and good health! If you want to live a long and good quality life, you have to take care of your body. Life expectancy is a big concern as studies show most Americans under the age of 50 aren’t in good overall health. As a result, they are dying younger and those that do Edible Food-Like [...]
Shortness of Breath
Shortness of Breath (SOB)| Coughing | Hawking up Mucus There are many conditions that can cause shortness of breath (SOB) or, sometimes called "air hunger."  The most common –lung disease is discussed below.  Another is loss of blood, or low body oxygen, which can be detected by your doctor with a simple blood test.  When this occurs, you may receive a transfusion of a pint or two of blood –which [...]
Male Blood Pressure
Male Blood Pressure Your blood pressure is very important, but many men don’t realize it or even think about it.   Your blood pressure affects how the blood flows through your body.  When it is too low then it isn’t circulating like it should.  When it is too high, there is too much pressure behind it and that can create damage to your body, especially to the arteries.  Discovering what your [...]
Losing Visceral Fat
Abdominal Fat It is very important to do all you can to lose visceral fat. If you aren’t familiar with term, it is referencing fat around the belly and abdominal regions.  It refers to the fat located within, meaning deep within the abdominal cavity, surrounding the organs -not just the visible poundage that overhangs your belt.   This tends to be the location in the body where extra pounds [...]
Sleep Apnea and Snoring
Wicked Snoring / Breathing Lapses / Sleep Apnea Getting a good night of sleep is very important, but it doesn’t occur for everyone. Snoring can not only interrupt your sleep, but that of your partner as well. Some individuals don’t breathe like they should while sleeping, and actually stop breathing for a few seconds. This could be due to sleep apnea (aka Sleep apnoea) or other concerns. It is [...]