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Hi.  My name is Dave Stewart. Welcome to

This website was set up to provide a useful resource for people interested in (1) getting healthy, if there is room for improvement; (2) maintaining the good health they now enjoy and, to dispense some general wellness information that you might be looking for.

As we age, things change. As we age, the little indiscretions we could get away with when younger become health issues if not kept in check.

Many of us have posted charges to ‘our body’s credit card’ along the way that at some point come due, sometimes in the form of a health issue. If not an issue -certainly a wake-up call.

By the time we turn fifty (often much sooner), how well we took care of ourselves becomes apparent and starts to show.

The Kinds of Things You Might Find Here

We’ve tried to create an easy to access website and place all the information you need in one location. We have thoughts of offering health items in the broader sense -not just diet, nutrition and fitness, but other things that men young and old have questions about from time to time; things that pertain to their ‘self’ and how well they see their ‘self’ doing.

The intent is to continually expand the offerings, advice and tips to meet that end. Obviously, on day one, it is mostly a vision. We can only publish one article at a time so, let us begin.

One of the first offerings addresses something that could not only be detrimental to your health but, a challenge to your mate. Sleep Apnea (Aponea) and the accompanying snoring and gasping fits is something to be reckoned with.

Pearly Penile Papules is not something detrimental to your health but can be disconcerting until you find out what it is -and what it is not.

How about shortness of breath? It’s nothing to be taken lightly. Is it related to the fact that you seldom walk anywhere other than to the car and back? Or, could it be something else that might show up in a blood test?

Browse around and check back often as we round out the website with interesting and pertinent content. If you have any suggestions about anything you’d like to see added to, please contact us via our Contact Page.

Kindly Share this site with your friends.  Social media buttons are on the page.  Thank you for spending some time here.

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